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by InsidecaY

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Hellcome humans ! in a dimension where a steel clock's tickin' tickin' in our heads No matter how many greedy lives are lived Everything is too much way too much to digest And that's exponential ! As our fear of death keeps growing and growing All of these desires will never be fulfilled We feed but can't enjoy no more And that's a trouble ! That we can't enjoy We are just tied up to consume and Consume ourselves Since there's no essence As long as we'll laze at this surface of living we will never be fully bloomed There's way way more than this ! No time to think, to grow up carefully Prevails the hasty judgement Shortcut thinking , labelling connections More and more thoughts only lead to frustration We miss what's essential ! Futile needs for shallow gluttony We're all deeply part of this anecdotic life This misdirecting diversion Have to make way for subversion ! We have to stop misjudging ourselves And face vacuity Grow apart from needs that weaken Basics are in fact within reach But we've missed how necessary it is ! So much is wasted We've rushed to know the conclusion Thinking we're making time Hiding that we keep losing it all CRACK THE CLOCK THAT'S IN YOU USE YOUR CONSCIENCE ! CRACK THE CLOCK THAT'S IN YOU RAISE YOUR ESSENCE !
Tough Bluff 05:32
Time has just managed to make us lose our identity Reduced as primal ones our fear has caused disparity We are all incapable, of mutuality Will the upper hand make us fight eternally ? As far as we can exist, the story's still the same Dominating each other cause we can't dominate ourselves Shame ! on tough bluffers pretending in their power shells Real strength ! is the power to assume all our weaknesses So freaking empty violence makes us think we live Being natural seems odd, kindness means fragility There's more than power struggle for credibility Violence resolves nothing only battle of ideas is constructive The upper hand ! It's a waste of precious energy ! The upper hand ! Only feeds our sicked narcissism ! The upper hand ! Gonna leave us all alone for real ! It's surely our only life, so why consider it as a constant fight !
Somewhere between decadence and greed We've found a place to land Inside this circus, ruled by role playing We've found a definition for being Seven bIllion electrons gravitating around black holes raised to comfort zones, To comfort zones ! Entertain through diversion ! Keeping alive through born dead wannabe's Myriad colors light faded lives Ostentatious acts, as we were on stage A stage that will soon become our death cage Brains melting down to soap wait for the next bubble to burst in next episode That won't be reaired ! Here we are ! Sublimating the void ! Reward seeking behaviors have turned us hollow men ! So impersonal, so impersonal we are ! So impersonal, so impersonal we stand ! It's time to rise and understand our fears This way of escaping our minds is not a way of life ! Accept that life has never been a game A fictional reality whose limit is unseen Human is not digital, spirit not virtual We repress who we are and we photoshop our lives ! We'll face the truth, we'll bring the dawn of The first day of a new life before we get all overwhelmed by tears ! WE'LL BE THE ONES TO PROGRESS !
Ego Erectus 08:48
Enter the fragments Of human behind itself Bounded to his conditions Failed representations Inner struggle on ! Self smashed to concrete Our attitudes are not our being Trade our id's for integrity ! Pride through vanity Self esteem's vicious circle Self complacency Impedes evolution ! Petulance is slowing us down Go beyond fatalistic moans How long will we walk this path to see its goal How far will we distort expectations Introspection, meditation Selfless motion, revelation Humility brings acuity ! WE'RE OUR OWN ENNEMY ! Understanding that we're both judge and jury ! When arrogance sits enthroned When pride avoids discernment Ego is taking part of your soul Break the shell ! Forget all that we know Cracking the mirror we've begun Accepting doubt revealing who we are Break the shell ! Finding the right path in conscience flow What has failed us is all we know Clear up our minds, free up our minds All the limits must be now dissolved REALIZE THE SELF !


Concept EP about human modern condition.


released February 2, 2013

All music and lyrics by Tonio DC except "Reductio Ad Absurdum"
lyrics by Tonio DC and Julien B.

Recorded at AK Studios by Krangteam except
drums recorded at LTP studios by Tonio DC and Edgar Chevallier.
Mixed at Tonio's studio by Tonio DC.
Mastered at AK Studios by Gregory Durand.
Produced by InsidecaY.



all rights reserved



InsidecaY Paris, France

Progressive Alternative Metal band from Paris.
First concept EP "WE" out for FREE.

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